Can You Believe?

Lora and Doug are friends from church. She owns a salon in our little town and he builds stuff and writes songs for people like Montgomery Gentry and George Strait.

This co-writing thing was all Lora’s idea. She’s been pestering telling Doug he and I should write together for a while now. So, when he heard Carrie Underwood was recording a Christmas album this Summer, he called me up. He knows country and I know Jesus so it made sense. (Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)

After a few hours in his bonus room with a toy keyboard and some sweet tea, we had us a Christmas song.

Last night our friend Barry let us use his home studio for a bit, and his engineering skills, to record a simple demo. We called up a friend from church, a doctor’s office administrator with a great voice and even better memory – Wendy Stevenson – to come sing on it. By the way, there are a lot of plumbers, nurses, teachers, waiters (especially waiters) and office administrators in Nashville with great voices. It’s bizarre how talented this town is.

We’d like to do a full band demo, but there’s no time. In fact, it might already be too late to get this song to Carrie Underwood’s folks. But, hey, we hear Reba’s in the studio feeling Christmassy right now too.

Here’s the tune. Thanks, Lora, Doug, Barry and Wendy. (Facebookers and RSS readers will need to go here to listen.)

Can You Believe
Words & Music by Doug Powell & Shaun Groves

Verse 1:
Snow is coming down tonight
Every porch lit up with lights
The neighborhood is dressed for Christmas day
But you donโ€™t feel the joy some how
(Your) world is dark and upside down
Bethlehem sure feels so far away
So far away

Can you believe
(It was) On a night like this so long ago
A star was sent to shine
When we canโ€™t see
Peace on earth is not so out of reach
For you and me
Can you believe?

Verse 2:
I know youโ€™ve heard it all before
About the day when God was born
Baby Savior making all things new
Angels sang their songs that night
Shepherds left their flocks behind
To see the boy who came to see them through
See us through


When only dark surrounds you
And nothing else around you feels like Christmas eve