Think About Heaven

I’ve taught Gabriella everything I know about music. Took about a week. Then I got her a piano teacher.

She knows the names of lines and spaces on a staff.

She knows where to find any note on a piano.

She knows the difference between a quarter note and a half note, between piano and fortissimo, between adagio and presto, staccato and legato.

She knows what a verse and chorus and bridge are.

She knows basic rhyme schemes.

She knows that songs are rewritten not written.

And she knows the Dove Awards are biased in favor of songs about Heaven and people who’ve recently gone there.

This is my nine year-old Gabriella (on the left) and her friend Avery (also the daughter of a song writer) singing Think About Heaven, a tune they wrote together for our church’s talent show.

Think About Heaven from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

They got first place.

I’m a little bit proud.

And scared she might do what Dad does for a living. Though, obviously better.

“This is the first step to becoming rock stars!” Avery said.

Dear, Lord…