Ehud The Left-Handed

Good morning, kids. Today’s bible story comes from the third chapter of the book of Judges.

A long time ago God’s people were ruled over by an evil king named Eglon. Eglon was very rich and very powerful. Pretty much all he did was sit around eating and being waited on by his many servants. Eglon was very fat.

Then, one day God told a left-handed man named Ehud to go visit King Eglon in his palace.

When people are mean to you do your parents ever tell you to talk it out with them?

Is it easy for you to talk through a problem you’re having with a mean person?

Let’s see how well Ehud did talking things out with mean King Eglon.

Ehud brought King Eglon a gift. That was very nice wasn’t it?

Then he told King Eglon he wanted to tell him a secret. So all the king’s servants left Ehud and Eglon alone in the king’s room so no one but the king would hear Ehud’s secret.

Once they were alone, King Eglon got up off of his throne and waddled over to Ehud. He leaned in close to hear Ehud’s secret and then…

Ehud pulled a sword out from under his clothes and stabbed King Eglon’s big jiggly belly! The handle of Ehud’s sword disappeared – it was swallowed up by all King Eglon’s belly fat! And poop ran out of the hole in Eglon’s belly.

Then Ehud snuck out the back door of the palace.

After a little while, King Eglon’s servants came back to check on King Eglon and found the door to his room locked.

“Huh,” they thought, “the king’s probably going to the bathroom and just needs some privacy.”

After a long time the servants got worried about the king so they broke into the king’s room and found him dead.

Meanwhile, Ehud went to the top of a mountain and blew a horn.