Elisha And The Name Callers

Our story today comes from chapter two of 2 Kings.

One day the prophet Elisha was taking a walk, minding his own business, when some kids came out of their houses and started calling him names.

“Hey, baldy!” one of the kids shouted.

“Get out of our neighborhood, skin head!” another one yelled.

How do you think those mean words made Elisha’s heart feel?

Do people ever make fun of you?

How does that make your heart feel?

What do you do when kids make fun of you?

Well, let’s see what the prophet Elisha did when these kids were mean to him.

Elisha wished God would do something bad to the kids. Then two bears came out of the woods and tore 42 of the children to pieces.

Those kids never made fun of a bald person again.

And Elisha finished his walk.