When An Underwater Princess Comes To Your House

An underwater princess can’t breathe “up there” air so before she comes to your house you have to fill it with ocean.

Jellyfish Lights

Having lots of jellyfish around will make the place feel like home.

Jellyfish Fan

Now, underwater princesses aren’t like normal princesses. Normal princesses are very dainty and petite and eat like small birds. But underwater princesses eat like sharks. Underwater princesses in the midst of a just-before-five growth spirt eat like megalodons.

So be sure to stock up on plenty of goldfish, grapes and ocean water with fruit in it. Strawberries and blueberries are a rare delicacy for people living in the ocean – not much grows down there, you know, but seaweed.

Water with Fruit

An underwater princess’ skin is extremely moisturized and will dry out very quickly in your two-legged world and that’ll make her look like an alligator in a dress. So get the pool ready.

Inflatable Pool Bubbles

It’s a good idea to have a castle around to make her feel at home too.

Castle Cake

Underwater party decorations

When the princess and her friends arrive they’ll probably want to soak their feet a spell..and fish for jewels in all the bubbles. You must be tolerant of the underwater peoples and their strange customs. Don’t laugh. The underwater peoples are rumored to ink when annoyed. And that’ll mess up a hard wood floor in a hurry.

Bubbles in a Pool

When they’re done “fishing,” the princess and her friends will be slippery. They’ll need something grippy on their feet or they’ll fall and crack a gill or something. Regular old flip flops would work fine if they were just regular old girls but a princess and her pals need something extra special on their feet.


Maybe it’s all the years with pruney fingers. Maybe it’s all the mercury in their diet. I don’t know but for some reason girls who live in the ocean can’t tie granny knots worth a flip. So, heads up: They’ll need some assistance.


Flip flops

By the time they get their royal flip flops made they’ll be really hungry. (Megalodons remember?)

Castle Birthday Cake

After some cake, the princess’ friends will probably bow before her and offer gifts – no matter how much stuff she already has in her castle back home. She’s fabulous. And a princess. And from underwater. And gifts are just part of all that I guess. Again, try to be tolerant of her customs.


Now, after she gets her loot, the princess’ stay is pretty much over. She and her friends will change clothes a few times and practice sharing – something about-to-be-five underwater princesses struggle with sometimes.

And then the princess will ride off to the ocean and you’ll mop up frosting, do the dishes and amuse your friends by sucking helium.

Happy birthday, princess.

Princess Penelope and her cake