(Uncle) Robbie Seay Band Miracle Giveaway (UPDATE)

UPDATE: The winner of this giveaway is comment #44: Michael Patterson.

Michael, shoot me your address and I’ll have Robbie’s label put your prize in the mail.


To get a copy of “Miracle” for yourself, go here.


My kids call him Uncle Robbie on account of their cousins always calling him Uncle Robbie.

The family tree looks like this: I’m married to Becky. Becky’s sister is Amy. Amy’s husband is Brian. Brian’s brother is Robbie.

Not only is Robbie my kids’ uncle-in-law (second uncle? third? twice removed?), but he’s also one of their favorite singers. And one of mine.

Robbie and I went to college together and I liked envied his voice so much back then that I asked him to sing in my wedding. And look, he did!


He even wore a suit. And shoes. And sang a Michael English song I think. And I hope I paid him well for that because, I mean really, a suit and shoes.

Anyway, Uncle Robbie has a new CD out called “Miracle” and it’s great, as evidenced by the fact that this is the first time I’ve ever done a giveaway of any sort. I wish I wrote these songs. I wish I had that voice.

A “Miracle” CD and record (one of those big black disc things) and a suhweet Texas Robbie Seay Band T-shirt can be yours my internet “friends.” Just follow these simple directions:

1. Listen to clips from “Miracle” below and pick a favorite.

2. Leave a comment telling us what your favorite song from “Miracle” is.
3. Read this post on Tuesday at 10AM Texas time (of course) to find out if you won this prize package:


Limit one comment per person. I’ll use a random integer generator thingy to pick the winning comment at 10AM Central on Tuesday and I’ll announce the winner right here in this post. “Miracle” contains no Michael English covers. Yes, I had a pony tail. Yes, I do regret that daily.