Rethinking Radio

Here’s how it usually works.  A record label pays a radio promoter a salary for several months while he aims to get an artist’s song – called a “single” – played on the radio.  But not on every station. Only the big ones.

The record company’s goal is to get the song to climb the chart. The chart shows which songs are being played the most on a select few big stations known as “reporters.”

The radio promoter gets paid whether he gets my song played or not. If there is any financial incentive for him it’s tied only to how high a single charts.

There was a time when charting sold records, generated media attention and hopefully accolades. That’s just not working anymore. For reasons I don’t understand, there’s rarely a correlation between charting position and sales today…or media coverage. And who cares about accolades?

So I’m rethinking radio starting with the goal.

My goal is to present Compassion International to as many people as possible. Over 2,000 kids were sponsored through my concerts and events last year and I want that number to grow this year.

I’ve done the math. If I can increase the size of my average audience by 10 people, that’ll mean 150 more kids released from poverty every year.  If I can increase it by 100 that’ll mean 1500 more kids released from poverty. That’s the goal: Increase the number of people who hear about Compassion. Radio can help us do that in a big way.

And not just the big stations. Every station matters, from Dallas to Owasso. If they play my music I get bookings, my (free) shows are better attended and kids get food, education, clothing, healing and Jesus.

How exactly do we reinvent radio promotion?

I’ve hired a radio promoter for a small upfront fee. No salary.

I’m splitting my ASCAP payments (radio royalties) with him 50/50 for two years on any single he promotes. If he gets it played he gets paid.

His job is to get my music on EVERY station, large and small, because every listener matters.

First singles out the door are Sing (headed to Adult Contemporary and CHR stations) and I’ve Got You (headed to Inspirational stations). Both are always available for free download.

We’re building pages on this site to promote them both. I’ll let you know when they launch so you can get involved too if you want.