Filling Holes

I don’t have a record label, a hit single, a marketing team, a booking agency. I don’t have the stuff you have to have to play 100 cities every year. But I’m staying busy because of you and the other people reading this blog.

Last week I announced on Twitter that people could book me to sing and/or speak on behalf of Compassion International this Spring FOR FREE and – BAM! – two days later the calendar was almost full!

Now I’m wondering if anyone out there wants to fill the few holes we have left. Here they are:

  • May 2 – around College Station, TX or Austin, TX.
  • May 23 – around Kansas City, KS.
  • June 6 – around Little Rock, AR.
  • June 12 – around Winston-Salem, NC.
  • June 27 – around Tampa, FL.
  • July 24-25 – South Georgia.

If you can’t promote a show in these cities on these days, well, August and September are wide open!

Just e-mail Ben or fill out the form at and we’ll be in touch shortly. Again, promoters don’t pay me a dime. All they have to do is provide a place, promote the heck out of their show, put me and Ben up in a hotel for one night and feed us one meal.

With your help at least 2,000 kids will be sponsored this year in 100 cities. Thank you!