Do You Love Your Uncle Shaun?

Sosy and her friend Audrey were talking family yesterday.

Little girl looking over fence

Sosy laid it all out for Audrey. Brian is dad. Amy is mom. Robbie and Chris are uncles. Jennifer, Jessica and Kathy are aunts. Becky is too. And I’m with Becky so that makes me an uncle.

Little girl climbing fence

Audrey stopped her there.

Out of everyone on that list Audrey recognized only Becky and me. We hang out quite a bit with her parents.

She usually keeps her distance, eyeing me from behind mom’s leg or the back of a couch, occasionally mustering the nerve to wave or give me something she’s colored.

Little girl sitting on fence

“Do you love your Uncle Shaun?” Audrey asked.

“Ummmm,” Sosy stalled. “He likes to talk.”

Little girl sitting on fence

Which, technically, I keep telling myself, is not a “no.”