What A…Journey

I haven’t been able to blog much. If you’ve had a hard time getting through your days without my posts then, well, I offer my apologies now along with my hope that you find a hobby, friends and a life in general.

You’ve missed quite a bit actually. I cancelled the LA ‘Help Haiti Live’ show and gave my word to the couple of trouble-making managers out there that I wouldn’t tell you why or which artists they represent. All I can say is that the show was cancelled due to circumstances far beyond my control and we were able to get out before losing out financially.

Now we’re plowing ahead with the Nashville show. We moved NEEDTOBREATHE from the LA stage to Nashville’s too. So the artists on the bill now are Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, Big Kenny, Jars of Clay, Mat Kearney, Brandon Heath, Mat Wertz and Dave Barnes. Nashville’s selling very well. There are a few seats left though so if you’re in town Feb 27th or feel like making a road trip, go get yourself some tickets.

And if not, you can always watch on-line live for free at HelpHaitiLive.com at 7:30PM CST on Feb 27th. It would help us tremendously if you’d spread the word about the on-line streaming too. Here’s an e-card and we’ve got fliers, banners and other doo-dads over at HelpHaitiLive.com/share too. Thanks.

‘Help Haiti Live’ has consumed my life – in a good way – but I did take a break to celebrate Becky’s 40th this weekend. We and a bunch of friends went to a really cool piano bar Keely recommended called Big Bang. Lots of places to sit down (essential when you’re forty) and lots of eighties songs (also essential when you’re forty) played on two grand pianos. Very fun if you like to sing Separate Ways at the top of your lungs while being stared at by disgusted college students annoyed that people their mom’s age are requesting all the songs and crashing their Saturday night.

Fun was had by the old people in the corner. Heck yes.

And that’s about it. A benefit concert and lots of Journey. Next stop: Kenya.

And then a long nap.