Today’s The Big Day

I’ve never worked so hard in my life – which I realize isn’t saying much on account of me being a pampered soft rock star but…. Putting ‘Help Haiti Live’ together, answering more than 300 e-mails a day, negotiating the politics of the promotion business, well, it was harder than working the register at Chick-fil-A on Saturdays at the mall when I was fifteen. Unless you factor in the embarrassment of wearing a visor and slacks in a public place. Might be a tie at that point.

Anyway, today is the culmination of all our team’s work on ‘Help Haiti Live.” I’ll spend most of my day at Ryman Auditorium listening to sound checks, tweaking the show’s flow and praying for some divine revelation regarding what the heck I’m supposed to say to this crowd on behalf of Compassion International in my allotted 7 minutes of speaking time.

Then doors will open, songs will be sung and five cameras will take it all live to you and hopefully tens of thousands at at 7:30 Central. And then, we’re praying, people will give to Compassion’s disaster relief fund and bid on auction items and spread the word about all of it via Twitter, e-mail, Facebook and all that other stuff the kids and mom bloggers are into these days.

Thank you for helping us get the word out about tonight, and praying for us, and sending me incredible timely words of encouragement. I told you when we started this thing together that we needed a series of miracles. And we got ’em!  Many came through you, my readers and friends. Thank you!

Now I’m asking you for only one more thing…OK a couple more.

1) Please e-mail an e-card to your friends today, talk up ‘Help Haiti Live’ on Twitter* and Facebook and your blog. Give one more push to us on-line please.

2) Please pray. With a show this large there’s usually a week of rehearsals but we only get a few hours of sound checks. These artists are pros but there’s still plenty that will be unrehearsed, unfigured out, and unplanned for. Pray that God and Compassion are seen clearly through what we do, that no one and nothing gets in the way of that. Pray that hearts and wallets are opened so that lives in Haiti can continue to be rebuilt.

Thank you. Off to the Ryman!

* If you tweet about ‘Help Haiti Live’ please us hashtag #hhlive so I can see it and possibly retweet.