The Reluctance Of Rock Stars

I’m so thankful for the diligence of our Help Haiti Live event team. Our roster of artists is almost complete but it hasn’t been easy: Our team has heard “no” many many more times than we’ve heard “yes.” And a lot of “who else is involved” too.

This pissed me off earlier today. I fired off quite a rant to a member of our team. I wished this and that artist would “grow a pair” and follow their passion instead of being such a sheep, so apathetic or self-protective. If I care about something strongly, I said, nothing can stop me from doing something about it, even if I’m the only one doing something about it. I don’t get the reluctance here.

Oh, the ugly came out of me for sure. And along with the vitriol came pride and arrogance – two old pals of mine that visit more often than I’d like.

Is it really true of me? Is it really true that I’m not the least bit concerned about how I’m perceived, not worried that I’ll lend my name and time to the wrong cause?

The truth is…

I first learned that Compassion needed artists to speak for them way back in 2001. I was on tour with Bebo Norman and I heard him give his spiel about poor kids and mercy and sponsorship for more than fifty nights on the road. But I didn’t join up with Compassion at the end of the tour. I was scared, skeptical, wary of standing beside strangers speaking about something I didn’t feel I understood and wasn’t sure I could endorse wholeheartedly.

Four years, many conversations, lots of questions and one trip to El Salvador later I finally believed in the ministry of Compassion enough to partner with them.

So, to the reluctant rock stars, I need to apologize now: I’m sorry for assuming the worst about you. I’m sorry for pushing and pestering you to make a decision in a few weeks that took me four years.

And I wish you the best as you try to do the right thing without wronging your reputation and your audience in the process. And who knows? Maybe a few years from now you’ll decide – in some third world country – to stand with us.

Until then, got any questions?

Take your time.

Take a trip.

Get back to me someday.