Getting Sandy

It’s rarely happened to me. Sometimes a situation is so difficult, so stressful, that you move (or get moved) beyond anxiety or fear to a calm so deep and overwhelming that you feel guilty for experiencing it in such a tempest. You feel lazy for not yelling “The sky is falling!” like everyone else.

That’s where I am with ‘Help Haiti Live.’ Two curve balls were thrown my way yesterday pertaining to the LA show. Doozies. All I can say is buy tickets now. Please. Buy twenty and give them away. Seriously.

When they came hurdling across the plate I immediately spiraled into self-doubt, worry, even a little anger and then the weirdest thing happened: I got perspective.

Out of nowhere I was sitting at dinner last night chewing nervously on my cheek and feeling all angsty when my mind zoomed out.

I thought about life ten years from now and what will seem important about today then. I thought 10,000 years from now too. I thought about the world – all the people, all the drama, the joys and struggles happening simultaneously.

It felt good to feel like a grain of sand on the beach. It felt good to be small, out of control, reminded that I didn’t pour the ocean and I didn’t whittle the planet from nothing and that competence is an illusion that keeps me from depending upon God’s.

No matter how stressful my life today is it’s only that: My life. Today.

There’s a lot more going on out there than me and now.

Oddly calming to be a grain of sand on Someone’s beach.