“Help Haiti Live” Event Update: Meet The Team

Three concerts. Nashville, Dallas and Los Angeles. Eleven artists. Streamed live on-line at HelpHaitiLive.com for six straight hours.

The impossible is coming together. Because you’re praying and our team is working very hard.

I want to introduce you to that team. And do a little bragging on them while I’m at it.

  • Ben Stewart. I literally do nothing in business or ministry without Ben at the center of it. He built shaungroves.com and compassionbloggers.com for me. He runs my booking and road management, runs my sound and merchandise. he does everything. On this event he’s heading up the development of HelpHaitiLive.com and overseeing the video and streaming stuff.
  • Brad Ruggles. Brad designed shaungroves.com. He’s thrown every talent he has into the ring with Compassion in the past. This time, he’s designing HelpHaitiLive.com and handling all things graphical for the event.
  • Velvet Kelm & the M-Collective. You know the pretty girl in high school? The one so pretty that guys were afraid to ask her out? That’s Velvet and her company the M-Collective. I was so sure she’d be too in demand to pitch in that I almost didn’t ask her to. Velvet handled all publicity for my first album. She’s the best in the business and we’re fortunate to have her and the entire M-Collective heading up publicity for this event.
  • Justin Zebell & Synergy Production Group. Probably best known around Nashville as Amy Grant‘s production guy, Justin and the guys at Synergy ran the Gloria! Christmas tour for the last three years and we went to church together for several more. Synergy is managing production for all three cities.
  • Eleven2. I Twittered that I needed web hosting and lots and lots of bandwidth to handle a large on-line audience and video streaming. Terry Weaver, a guy I’ve enjoyed working with before on some indie artist conferences, replied immediately that he had just the company. He made a call for me and within minutes we had all the free space we could ever need. And the owner’s cell number. Unbelievable. Thanks, eleven2.
  • Last, but truly the most indispensable, the entire speaker and events team AND the artist relations team at Compassion have worked constantly – calling artist managers, connecting me with entertainers across America I could never reach alone. They’re the ones hearing “no” and “wait”, pressing kindly and persevering patiently anyway. I could never do their jobs. Thanks to Suzie Johnson, Spence Smith, Ben Rough, Nate Ernsberger, Brian Seay (working from Uganda), Steve Jones (working from El Salvador), Stephanie Waldrop (working from some other third world country), Paul Haddix, and Ryan O’Quinn and I’m sure I’m leaving someone out. Forgive me. And thanks.
  • Artists to be announced soon.

    And, bloggers, I’m going to need your help getting the word out about this when the time comes. Are you in? Let me know in the comments and I’ll be in touch when everything’s in place. Thank you. And please keep praying.