The Proper Execution Of A Child Takedown

If you ever visit a Compassion International project.


And you’re nervous about it because, well, it’s 200 or so kids versus just little ol’ you…


and you don’t know the language…


and you can’t make balloon animals or juggle…


and you’re wondering to yourself Self, what on earth are you going to do with 200 kids?


Have no fear. There’s always brute force.


Followed by lots and lots of tickling.


I don’t suggest wearing your good shoes to the project at which you exert the brute force and unleash the lots and lots of tickling, however.


Sometimes the little suckers spring a leak.

Kids are kids the whole world over you know? They don’t need much from us big people. A smile. A touch. You can get by without words. Just give them any proof that they matter. They matter enough to be looked in the eyes, held, played with and, yes, wrestled to the floor and tickled to within an inch of their life.

Can you afford to show one child they matter?