See You

Some people claim to be visited by heaven right here on earth. They say they’ve seen this world transformed before their eyes; they’ve seen scraps of God all over everything.

The serious Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards:

“The appearance of everything was altered; there seemed to be, as it were, a calm, sweet cast, or appearance of divine glory, in almost everything. God’s excellency, his divine wisdom, his purity and love, seemed to appear in everything; in sun, moon and stars; in clouds and blue sky; in the grass, flowers and trees; in the water and all nature; which used greatly to fix my mind. And scarce anything, among all the works of nature, was so sweet to me as thunder and lightning; formerly nothing had been so terrible to me. Before, I used to be uncommonly terrified with thunder, and to be struck with terror when I saw a thunderstorm rising; but now, on the contrary, it rejoices me.”

Illiterate evangelist Billy Bray:

“I praised God with my whole heart. I remember this, that everything looked new to me, the people, the fields, the cattle, the trees. I was like a new man in a new world. I can’t help praising the Lord. As I go along the street, I lift up one foot, and it seems to say, ‘Glory’; and I lift up the other, and it seems to say, ‘Amen’; and so they keep up like that all the time I am walking.”

An unknown farmer:

“When I went in the morning into the fields to work, the glory of God appeared in all His visible creation. I well remembered we reaped oats, and how every straw and head of the oats seemed, as it were, arrayed in a kind of rainbow glory, or to glow, if I may express it, in the glory of God.”

Rich Mullins:

The moon is a sliver of silver
That fell on the floor of a carpenter’s shop
Every house must have it’s builder
And I awoke in the house of God

I know when Thomas needed to touch the nail holes to believe, Jesus said it was better to believe without seeing. But I want to see anyway. I need to see. A lot of us down here do, God. Sometimes we think we’ll lose faith entirely if we don’t.

Show yourself.

Right here at my computer, gassing up the minivan, making phone calls, returning e-mails, eating lunch.