Things That Matter

There are things that matter. A lot.

Mankind is in need of rescuing – his heart is broken: he doesn’t think or feel like God. He doesn’t love God or people unselfishly.

When we don’t think or feel or love like God – and we all do it – we deserve to be punished, to be separated from God, from all that’s good. Forever.

But God loves me. He loves you too. He knows what we’ll think and feel and do on our worst day and still He loves us.

God doesn’t want us to be separated from Him.

God wants us to know Him, to love Him and love like Him.

So, one day, God put on skin and moved to our neighborhood. He was born in the Middle East to a girl named Mary about 2000 years ago.

She named him Yeshua, which means “God saves.” We call Him Jesus.

Jesus was a man, sure, but not like any other man. He was also God. He lived a perfect life: always thinking, feeling and loving perfectly. Like God.

Because of how Jesus lived and spoke, mankind got a chance to see what thinking, feeling and loving perfectly looks like. We got to see what God was like. And to see how unlike Him we really are.

After about 33 years, Jesus was executed. The Romans found him guilty of treason. But He was perfect by God’s standard.

He was punished. He died. He was separated from God and all that is good for three days.

But on the third day he breathed air into his lungs again.  He stood, walked out of his tomb. When He did He beat our death, our punishment and our separation from God forever. He experienced it all so we don’t have to.

The bible says if I believe this is true then I’m saved from the punishment, separation and death I deserve. If I don’t, then I’m not.

Jesus was punished in my place. He was separated so I wouldn’t have to be. He died so I can live with God forever.

There are things that matter. A lot.

And too many things I’m willing to argue about aren’t those things.