The Hard Life Of A Solo Soft Rock Star

It’s just me and Ben on the road.


No band. No drummer, bass player, electric guitar guy, keyboardist. Just me and Ben.


No gear. No speakers, amps, drumkits. No merchandise banner, table cloths. Just me and Ben.


Occassionally some well-intentioned soul will say something like, “Hey, why don’t you get a band? And a bus? And one of those…”

Well, folks, truth is:

I’m cheap. If I had a band fewer folks could afford to bring me to their college/church. So, fewer gigs would get booked. And fewer kids would get sponsored. Ben works for free Christian chicken and sweat tea. The calendar is full.

I’m lazy. I really don’t enjoy lifting things. Lifting things and walking with them? I enjoy least of all. If God wanted me to lift stuff he would have given me muscles (and kept me from throwing up when I tried). He did not, so I lift not.

I’m a Texan. Canadians, apparently, need a little help getting the job of soft rockin’ done. Can’t handle it alone. We Texans don’t need that crutch, eh?

Or maybe we’re just cheap and lazy.

I probably should have stopped with cheap and lazy.

We’re in Grand Prairie tonight and, seriously, High Valley and Downhere are the best group of guys to tour with. No egos. Great music. No problems of any kind. Just a bunch of hard-working Canadians who like to lift things. And one Texan who’s about to take a nap while they set up all their stuff.