All You Americans Come Here And Watch This. Texans Too.

So, Marc of Downhere says on the bus yesterday, “All you Americans come here and watch this.”

First, I explained to misguided Mark that I’m not an American. I’m a Texan living in America, only because Texas happens to be part of America (for the time being).

And then I watched it.

It was revelatory.

Perspective changing.

I have a new appreciation for my brethren to the north. A kind of pride by association even.

Peace has broken out between our people groups. I want to buy North America a Coke (except Quebec).

So, all you Americans come here and watch this. Texans too.

[youtube width=”532″ height=”434″][/youtube]

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Seriously, we’ve had more than one conversation on this Canada tour about what makes Canada different from America: According to the Canadians, not very much. Canada has a unique history, sure, but today it’s pretty much a quieter more polite America with prettier money, three downs instead of four, no nukes and a Maple leaf in the middle of the golden arches. Even Tim Horton’s is owned by Americans now! Come on, Canada, you don’t want to be America’s thinner twin do you?

So, Canadians, am I right? Are you guys losing a distinct culture of your own or am I (and the folks I’m sharing a bus with) missing something?

And is that good or bad or who cares?