Then Maybe We’re Missing The Point

“If what’s happening within those four walls is having no affect on those streets we traveled down to get there…then maybe we’re missing the point.” ~a singer guy from Hillsong United

Christian music juggernauts Hillsong United are turning their spotlight on the rest of the world – the poor in particular – in a new documentary premiering via simulcast in theaters across America, Australia, Asia, South Africa, and Canada on November 4th. Tickets are available for purchase NOW.

Here’s the trailer:

[youtube width=”542″ height=”439″][/youtube]

Compassion International will be heavily promoted during the showing and my hope is that thousands of first-world Christians leave inspired and mobilized to care for their third world family by – at the very least – sponsoring a child.

You can help fill the seats by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, through your blog and e-mail list. Please do so.