The B Rule. Renaming Anne

Becky is my wife and business manager, handling all things money related: payroll, taxes, bills, etc. And ”other duties” as assigned. (If you know what I mean.)

Brian was my road manager and booking agent for a while and is now my “artist relations manager” at Compassion, making sure I have enough sponsorship packets, making sure I’m not running around making up statistics about poverty and whatnot, and humbling/encouraging me often with a delicate balance of timely attaboys and well-played sarcastic jabs.

Ben does my road management and booking now, which pretty much means without him I’d be sitting at home every weekend; which, true, would leave more time for “other duties” of course but would also make me pretty much unemployed.

Together, the three of us have been doing everything we know to do to mobilize and inspire American Christians to do what we’ve been saved for.

imageBut something’s been missing.

Yes, new music.  Get off my back about that.  It’s coming.  It’s coming.  I promise.

No, Anne’s been missing.

I’ve hired Anne as my first ever, um, uh, Director Of On-line Promotions And Publicity.  (It’s true, by the way, that pay scale and length of title are inversely proportionate.)

She’s hard at work promoting upcoming gigs, rustling up publicity opportunities, staging a high profile cat fight between me and Jeremy Camp.  She’s kicking some serious on-line promotions and publicity butt.  I’m very pleased to have her on the team, pulling me into the millennium by my laptop and boosting show attendance and the number of kids we can help in the process.

Oh, by the way, Anne asked me to ask you to visit the new Facebook “page” she just built and “fan” me. I don’t know what this means exactly. One man’s ignorance is one woman’s employment opportunity.

There’s only one problem with Anne: her name.  She needs a “B” name.  What “B” name would you like to call Anne? 

(Be nice.)

(And stop laughing.)