Not Quite Through With Me Yet

When I’m leading a Compassion Bloggers trip, I don’t get to blog.  I mean, obviously, I post something every day but I don’t get to really sit down and write.

Instead, when we get back to the hotel each afternoon, I answer LOTS of e-mails, dig into my bag of tricks and try to drum up some more traffic, read blogs, update the trip page, Twitter, etc etc. All this activity is a coping mechanism for me too.  Staying busy with something besides rehashing the day in words keeps the sights, sounds and smells of it out of the inner most parts of my heart and head.

One blogger asked me on this trip, “How do you keep coming to places like this without having a breakdown?” Well, I had my breakdown in 2004 and ever since then I’ve worked hard on these trips – literally – to keep it from happening again.

I’m having a harder time than usual keeping this trip at a safe distance though.  India, no matter how many reports I read and hours I log writing e-mails, is inching its way closer and closer to me. So I’m negotiating with it today.  How ‘bout I write a little more about you in the next few days and you play nice and don’t screw me up?  M’kay?

So, I know you’re tired of hearing about India.  I know those of you who read my blog regularly are tired of hearing about Compassion International and poverty and blah blah blah… Sorry.  I really am.  I don’t think we get to choose our vocations.  They just sneak up on us one day, grab hold of our heart and refuse to let go no mater how lame, boring and predictable they make us.

I’ll be writing a little more about India this week – not always about Compassion – so I’ll understand if you want to take a break from this relationship for a few days. It’s OK.  You can see other people.  Just promise me you’ll come back when I get this out of my system.

Before I write anything of substance I’ve got a little more trip related work to get done.  I’ll be adding links and captions and tags to about 1600 pictures over on Flickr for starters.  For STARTERS.  My fingers are cramping just thinking about it.