Questions for Skye

I’ve mentioned already how much I appreciate Skye Jethani’s book Divine Commodity.  I like it so much I’m participating in a blog tour for the book. (Thanks, Zondervan, for asking.) Here’s how it works: I e-mail Skye one question tomorrow and he’ll e-mail me his answer. I’ll post it on April 16th and tell you, again, how much I like this book.

Here’s where you come in.  I don’t know what to ask.  See, I agree with everything this book says except for one little teeny tiny section about the alleged evils of living in suburbia – Hey, no one’s perfect right?  It’s so clear and I so agree with it’s premise that I got to the last page without a single question for the author – just lots of questions about how to live now.

So, I’m wondering: What would you like to ask Skye about Divine Commodity?

Oh, you don’t have a copy yet?  Well, go get one.