Why My Wife Might Be In Trouble

Here’s all the backstory you need.  Becky and I (when I’m in town) teach second and third grade Sunday school.  Our pastor’s daughter is in the class.  He called the house the other day – left one of those vague messages ending with “call me back” – the kind that leave you wondering “Why?” The following conversation took place on our couch last night.

Becky: I called Andy back and didn’t get him…It feels weird getting a call from the pastor, like I’m a real contributing adult or something.

Shaun: Your Dad’s a pastor.  He calls all the time.

Becky: Besides him I’ve never gotten a call from any other pastors.

Shaun: Huh. I wonder what you did?  You’re going to the principal’s office.

Becky: I wonder.  That’s what it feels like.

Shaun: What kinda stuff are you teaching in that class of yours when I’m out of town?

Becky: I did tell them about Lent.

Shaun: That’s it then.  You went all Catholic on ‘em.  Now, you’re in trouble.


Becky: But I made it very clear that it’s not in the bible. Just like Christmas.

Yep. That might have done it.