Team Building Exercise 2009

Putting together a team of bloggers for a Compassion Bloggers trips is harder than I’d imagined. 839 bloggers asked to go with us to India in April. But only a handful can.

See the dilemma?  No matter what I decide someone will be disappointed – a lot of someone’s.  (I hate this part of the job.)

And I have had to decide.  Time is running out.

So in the last few days I’ve put together an incredible team of bloggers that’s a little heavy on the estrogen.  (Guys with a lot of readers just aren’t as interested as women in these trips.  What gives guys?  Chicken?)

Head over to the India trip page and check out the team we’ve built so far.  And then cajole your favorite blogger into getting in touch with me.  It’s not too late. I still have a couple slots left and a lot of interviews for those spots going on this week.

One thing you might notice is the return of a blogger from the Uganda trip.  This India trip, we suspect, is going to be the hardest so far, so we’re bringing a veteran along to give the other bloggers someone else to lean on and learn from. She’ll also be shooting a lot of video for us so I don’t have to be videographer and trip leader.  (Very happy about that.)