My Boss In The Blogosphere

In half of my life I call the shots.  I’m a singer guy who speaks and blogs too. The buck stops with me.  I’ve got real live employees (well, one of those), full reign – for better or worse – to make whatever business decisions I want.  Frightening really now that I write that down.  Yikes.

In the other half of my life I’m the “independent contractor” overseeing Compassion Bloggers.  I answer to several people. I’m part of a team (with guys like Spence and Brian), with a real live boss.

His name is Steve Jones and he’s the guy in charge of the stuff Compassion does with artists, speakers, and now bloggers.  And, at the risk of sounding like a suck-up, I like the guy.  And I think you will too.

He and his family just started a blog.  And I’m asking you to read it and link to it.  And here’s why.

A lot of us here at Shlog aren’t perfect yet.  And some of us have questions about how on earth to love our kids, our spouse, our neighbors and the rest of the world.  Steve doesn’t have any of that nailed but he’s further down the road on a lot of that than I am.  His marriage isn’t perfect I’m sure but it’s lasted longer than mine.  He’s not a perfect dad either, I’m guessing, but his girls are older than mine so he’s got a bit more experience at the very least.  He can’t help everyone in his city, I know, but he and his family have made major sacrifices to love their neighbors – the ones I have the hardest time loving.  And, of course, he doesn’t know everything about combatting global poverty but the guy’s been doing it for a long long time and he’s been to almost every country Compassion works in so I figure he’s got a thing or two to teach me.

So, check out Steve’s family’s blog would ya?  Stop by and welcome the Jones Family to the blogosphere, leave him a comment (maybe a piece of blogging advice), add him to your reader, give them some link love.  And read.  We’ll be better for it I’m bettin’.


While I’m at it, if you’ve linked to me and I’ve not added you to my blogroll, let me know and I’ll get on that.  And sorry for not doing that sooner – sometimes I miss one or two.  Thanks for reading.