Day Off Intermission

I was out of town the last two days, so today is a day off.  “Off” in that I’m not checking e-mail, answering my phone, or doing anything resembling work.  Not “off” as in easy.

I took my two oldest to the symphony this morning in Nashville.  Lemony Snickets has created a piece called The Composer Is Dead that’s similar to Peter and the Wolf, a story designed to teach kids the instruments of the orchestra and their sounds.  My kids could not have been more bored out of their minds.  I was deeply entertained: “Violins are broken into two groups.  First violins, who play the more difficult parts, and second violins, who are more fun at parties.”

Then we went out for lunch together and talked about how much better the orchestra would be, according to Gresham, if it had “real drums” and electric guitars.  Nossir, music appreciation is a hard thing to teach to the progeny of a Boston fan.  God knows I’m trying.

Blog break over.  Time to draw princesses and castles with my youngest.  Maybe I’ll work a discussion of Botticelli in somehow.

My poor kids.