Shane Reminded Me

I just had lunch with Shane Wilson, recording and mix engineer for Derek Webb, David Crowder Band, Wes Cunningham and even me.  He mixed my latest song, Kingdom Coming, and we met up today so he could hand off the master copies and buy me a burrito.  Mmm, burritos.

imageI didn’t want to be a dork and take his picture so this one of Rick Rubin will have to do.  It’s pretty dang close. Shane’s got a little more gray in his beard and his glasses aren’t quite so dark, but he’s got the same basic guy-who-lives-under-a-bridge-and-comes-out-only-to-make-rock-n-roll-and-eat-burritos vibe.

And what do a Rick Rubin lookalike engineer guy and a soft rock star talk about over burritos?  The superiority of tape over digital?  The ethics of beat doctoring and vocal tuning?  The pros and cons of Van Halen’s three frontmen? The advantages of the wheat tortilla over the corn?  Nope.


We talked about our kids.






Thanks for that reminder, Shane.  And the burrito.