Survey Of Obama And McCain Supporters Commissioned By Compassion International

From The Christian Post:

One of the world’s largest child development organizations found supporters of presidential candidates Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama have “very different priorities” when it comes to ending global poverty and fighting the war on terror.

The survey commissioned by Compassion International and conducted by Barna Research Group found that 80 percent of those surveyed who identified themselves as strong McCain supporters believe fighting the war on terror should be a higher priority for the next president than to end extreme poverty.

Only about a tenth of the Arizona senator’s strongest backers prioritized the fight against global poverty over the fight against terror.

In contrast, only 30 percent of Obama’s strongest supporters place a greater emphasis on fighting terrorism than on ending global poverty, while 45 percent of this group placed ending global poverty above efforts to stop terror.

Among undecided voters, 40 percent of this group placed fighting terror over ending global poverty.

But Compassion’s senior vice president, Mark Hanlon, cautioned against concluding that Americans in general, as well as supporters of either presidential candidates, do not care about global poverty.