Happy Democratic Union Anti-Bible Day

Unlike Christmas and Easter, holidays founded by Jesus, Labor Day was started by labor unions, which means Democrats were likely involved.  And Democrats don’t love Jesus.

Also, Labor Day is anti-bible.  The bible clearly states in both the Genesis account of creation and in the ten commandments that we’re to take a day off every week.  One day off every week.  That day is Sunday.  But the Democrats urge us to disobey God and take Monday off to celebrate their union friends.  This means that some will take both Sunday and Monday off, making them guilty of sloth, and others will take only Monday off, making them guilty of working on the true sabbath day.  That’s anti-bible.  That’s probably anti-creationism and anti-ten commandments too.

Furthermore, Jesus, a carpenter by trade, and Paul, a tent maker by trade, were not in unions.  If they were, they weren’t proud enough of that fact to actually write it down.  If they were in unions, they were the good kind, like teachers, and not the bad kind, like auto workers and studio musicians.  And they certainly wouldn’t have participated in a Democratic bible-hating holiday like Labor Day.  No good Christian would.

So, this Labor Day I’m taking a stand for the bible and Jesus and Paul, who were against unions enough to not be in one or not write about being in one.  I’m taking a stand for the uniqueness of Sunday, the sanctity of the sabbath.  I’m taking a stand against sloth and the anti-bible Democrats.  I’m taking a stand against secular holidays.  I’m working hard like a real Christian does on Mondays.  Who’s with me?