Getting The Chariot Ready (Updated)

This day has been marked on my calendar for weeks and weeks.  Becky and I and Brian and Amy have tickets to see Mr. Jim Gaffigan this evening in Birmingham.  And we have backstage passes courtesy of Becky’s little sister Kathy, whom we all just refer to nowadays as ”Mr. Jim Gaffigan’s friend Kathy.”

I am excited about Mr. Jim Gaffigan making me laugh tonight.  And about going backstage – I here there are bottles of water and a fruit tray in these “backstages.” But I’m even more excited to introduce my beautiful wife to the beautiful Boo Mama. We’ll be having some dinner in Birmingham with the Boo Mama and the Boo Daddy.  I am allowed to call the Boo Mama by her actual name, which is Sophie, but am reluctant to do so most of the time on account of her being blogger royalty.  She and Shannon and Ree take turns wearing the crown and holding the scepter and sitting on the throne presiding over the kingdom of Momblogia.

Now, I don’t hang out with royalty often so I don’t know all the ins and outs of it, but I figure one should make some preparations of some sort for a dinner of this nature.

So, yesterday we did some laundry so we’d have some vomit-free clothing to wear to dinner. And then I undertook a little repair to the chariot I’ve been negligent in taking care of.


I went to the Home Depot and bought some epoxy.  And I rummaged through the garage and found me some rope – the kind for jumping, to be more precise.  And a shovel sans shovel.


I pulled some rocks from the flower bed.


And found a bucket.


And now the side of the chariot is stuck on real nice and we’re ready – if no more children throw up between now and then – to head south, eat some fish tacos with the Boo Mama and the Boo Daddy and laugh at Mr. Jim Gaffigan and partake of his fruit tray and some bottled water backstage thanks to Mr. Jim Gaffigan’s friend Kathy.

Unfortunately, Brian and Amy have two sick kids today so they won’t be joining us.  I’ll take some pictures of the Boo Mama and the Boo Daddy, Mr. Jim Gaffigan and his backstage for you and them.


UPDATE: My son is now puking.  Date’s off.  Chariot repaired for no reason now.  We now have four two tickets (great seats) to Jim Gaffigan tonight in Birmingham up for grabs.  E-mail me if you’d like them.  They cost $37.75 each through Ticketmaster but make an offer: a guitar, your first born, whatever you’ve got lying around.