A Promise Kept

On our last night together in Uganda, Compassion International’s last team of traveling bloggers sat around a table and processed what we’d just experienced together.  There was a lot of laughter, a lot of questioning, a lot of encouragement and a lot of promises.

Bloggers, so convinced Compassion was legit by what they’d seen, promised to continue to blog about Compassion once they got home.  They weren’t asked to – they were compelled to.  And it was completely unexpected.  I never thought the Uganda bloggers, no matter how generous and convinced, would stay in such close contact with me and Compassion and would continue to use their influence on-line to point others toward the poor and Compassion long after their return home.

The promises have been kept.  Anne Jackson, for example, not to exclude anyone else from the Uganda blogging trip, has once again drawn a little cyber spotlight to Compassion.  Go to BlogHer to read an interview with Anne about her on-line fundraising endeavors.  Please register with BlogHer in order to comment, and tell Anne and BlogHer thanks for helping Compassion like this.

On a related note, the next batch of Compassion Bloggers, bound for the Dominican Republic in November, will be announced right here this week. Stay tuned!


I’m in Chicago, about to board a flight home.  I won’t be on-line at all for the rest of the day and most of tomorrow.  Be good.  I’ll see you guys late tomorrow.