Two Groups And A List

People who give me life: My wife. Brian and Amy. Ben. Redneck Neighbor. Sophie. Tracy. Jim Gaffigan. Wess.

People who take life from me: The guy with the endless need for affirmation.  The gossip. The lady looking for a fight.  The guy with nothing good to say. The girl who forwards me Republican propaganda.  The guy who forwards me Democratic propaganda. The addict.  The outloud incessant worrier. The grown man who’s still mad at his mommy. The perpetually depressed. The comma-deficient. The abuser. The anonymous. The rock star. The…there are a lot of these.  They’re easy to list aren’t they?  And listing them, focussing on them and not the folks in the first group, is a sure way to become a miserable life-taking person myself.

It’s time to stop keeping that list.