Me, My In-Laws And The Nature

Ben and I woke up before God this morning – God’s approximate wake-up time is 4:30AM Texas time – and flew home from Florida.  We did this so that I could have a couple hours to unpack, repack, blog this here post for you all, load the mini van up and drive to east Tennessee.

My family, Brian and his wife Amy (my wife’s sister) and their kids, Kathy (the other sister), and my in-laws are heading to the Chattanooga area to live in a cabin in the nature for the week.  My wife has planned this excursion and promises there will be a hay ride through an apple orchard, a river to raft and horses to ride.  There will also be fantastic food cooked by my mother-in-law and at least one mean game of cards played after the kids go to bed.

I will spend much time in the nature.  Walking in the nature.  Sitting in the nature.  Smelling the nature.  Taking pictures of the nature. Getting wet from the nature and generally enjoying the nature.

In the nature there are no cell phone signals and there is no internet access.  I will post again when I return from the nature on Friday August 1st.  Until then, visit these fine blogs I’ll miss reading this week.

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