I Can See Clearly Now…

The woman next to me on the plane said that upon arriving in Seattle with a Ryder truck full of her life, she decided the number of days she saw blue sky.  According to her, the sky wasn’t cloud-filled only six days that first year.  “When I’m not depressed I just love it,” she said.

After Ben and I got our bags and rented our car we drove for an hour under a big blue sky, surrounded by naked Christmas trees, the greenest grass and snowcapped mountains in the distance.  It may only look like this six days out of the year but I think those six days are worth living under a blanket of gray mist the other 359.


I’ve played Washington four other times, which were rainy or deeply overcast.  But this weekend, so far, is just plain beautiful.  I don’t know how someone could wake up to this scenery and not wonder Who made it.  And if you’re a coffee drinker?  Bonus.  Down the street from our hotel is a Target with a Starbucks in it, a Starbucks in the parking lot, a Starbucks across the street and another in the Safeway next door.  And that’s not counting the non-Starucks options.  With all that expresso flowing you’d think Washingtonians would be rather hyped up jittery people -or I’d think that – but the opposite is true.  Lots of slow moving flip flops, laid back “heeeeeeeey”s and easy conversation.

Last night, for instance, I played under a little yellow tent for about fifty of the most easy-going people (They sponsored 10 kids).  The sound guy’s running late? No problem.  They forgot some cables and other gizmos we sorta need for making, you know, sound? Ahh, we’ll think of somethin’.

It’s a nice surprise but the chilled outlook coupled with all the outdoorsy recreation options around these parts?  I’m not sure much actually gets done around here.  I’m pretty sure the local industry in Arlington, Washington is enjoying yourself.  How on earth is this part of the country responsible for churning out so many serial killers?  What are they so angry about?  They must drink decaf.