Blog A Friend: North Carolina, Washington, Oregon & The UK

Ben and I are in the middle of our monthly business meeting and ran into a problem we can’t solve and decided to phone a friend…or blog one or a thousand or so.

Problem #1:

On June 29th I’ll be in Fairview, North Carolina in the AM.  If you’re within a couple hours of there and would like to bring me in to speak or sing (for free), please give Ben a shout.  Much appreciated.

Problem #2:

On the weekend of July 11-13th I’m heading to the northwest.  We have a couple of interested promoters – in Medford, OR and Tumwater, WA – but we need a couple more to make the most of the long journey.  Something in the Portland area would be ideal but we’re open to any opportunity.  If you’re interested in booking me for free in Washington or Oregon that weekend please talk to Ben.  Thanks.

Problem #3:

There’s interest from a promoter in Germany in having me to their side of the Atlantic in October.  Anybody else in that neck of the woods (anywhere in Europe really) interested in booking me then?  Holler at Ben.  Danke.

What would we do without you?  A bunch of nothing I’m pretty sure.

Back to work.