Simplifying Simplicity Part 3

First I blogged about how Becky and I are defining simplicity these days.  Then, I wrote about the changes we’ve slowly made toward simplicity over the last few years.  Today, the stuff we’re trying out next in an effort to take less so we can give more.

Here’s that list:

  • No garbage disposal: Compost everything.*
  • No clothes dryer: Hang everything outside on good weather days and inside in front of south-facing windows on bad weather days.*
  • No dish washer: Wash everything by hand.*
  • No ice maker: Disconnect the icemaker and its energy-sucking heating element.*
  • Use only condensed fluorescent bulbs. Switch when the current bulbs burn out.*
  • Unplug anything not in use, including things that are “powered off” but remote-controlled.
  • Use a rain barrel to collect water for the garden. (Can we bathe kids in that stuff too?)
  • Use a push mower. (Guess whose idea this was?)
  • Expand the garden.
  • Turn the thermostat up three degrees in the Summer and down three in the Winter.  (Thank God we don’t live in Texas anymore.)

*One author claims doing these things will reduce our energy bill to a mere $20/month.  We’ll see.

And here are some things we decided we’re too wimpy to even attempt…right now:

  • Eat a completely chemical-free locally-grown diet.
  • Downsize our house again.
  • Rename our children Feather, Mountain and Leaping Bear.
  • Follow Phish around the country in a primary-colored school bus.