A Giant Q-tip, Disney, and Canada

The nurse practitioner at CVS says it isn’t strep.  That’s great news. But it hurts and she used words like “puss” and “sacks” and “viral” and I used words like “ew” and “drugs” and she said “yep” and “nope” and “wait it out.” So I’ll likely be speaking tomorrow morning but not attempting to sing.  We’ll see.

Also, Gresham asked me what state Canada was in.  I told him it’s a whole ‘nother country.  It’s a lot like America, I explained, “sep they tawk funny.”

Also, I’m in a much lighter mood today than yesterday – which is quite remarkable considering that so far today I’ve 1)had a large Q-tip shoved down my throat and 2)spent the last two hours in the waiting room of the Mazda dealership watching the Disney channel and waiting for anyone with news about my engine or knowledge of the whereabouts of the remote to come strolling by.  Remarkable.

This mood shift is mostly due to Becky’s ability to know when I’m about to crack, help me slow leak all that’s weighting down my brain, make me laugh, point me in a better direction, and convince me I’m loved no matter the phase I’m in.  Gifted, she is.

So I’m in the Nashville airport, with a little more pep in my step, on my way to speak on behalf of Compassion Canada.  I’ll post when I get there if anything exciting happens, eh?