My Apologies.  I’m Sorta Lame Right Now.

imageIf I were you I wouldn’t read my blog.  There are so many blogs more worth reading at the momentSo many more.  What are you still doing here?

More specifically, if I read my blog this week for the first time I wouldn’t read my blog probably ever again.  Ever. Because this week I’ve been unusually lame.

By “lame” I mean I’m not really thinking or doing anything all that exciting. Nothing all that exciting to read about, that is.  It’s important stuff but very very lame to read about.  Oh, there was a marginally blog-worthy moment yesterday when I saved a cute widdle bunny from a cat and kept him in a Sprite box and then released him into the field behind our new Super Target, which, as it turns out, is pretty super for having a field into which you can release bunnies conveniently located right behind it like that.  Slushies, $12 Mossimo shirts and a field fit for bunnies – in one place – now that’s super.

Anyway, besides the bunny Super Target thing, not much worth writing about.  I read and sent e-mails!  And talked on the phone!  And been to the post office! And eaten three meals daily!  This morning I consumed cereal!  With raisins in it!

But tomorrow my week hangs a right into Excitement.  Bush and I are heading to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and staying at Tracy‘s place (She’s not there, by the way.  Awkward.)

So.  Yep.  North Carolina.  Tomorrow.  Exciting stuff.  Me.  And Bush.  In North Carolina.  Together.  Doin’ stuff.  In North Carolina. Me and Bush. Tomorrow.  Uh huh.

Why do you read this blog again?