I was to visit Haiti this month with Compassion.  But then this happened…

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) – Haitians erected fiery barricades and tried to storm the National Palace on Tuesday as protests against rising food prices, which have killed five people, paralyzed the impoverished nation’s capital.

Some demonstrators in the city carried empty plates to show the government they had nothing to eat.

U.N. peacekeepers fired rubber bullets and tear gas to control the angry mob after the protesters used large steel garbage containers as battering rams to try to smash the gates of the palace in downtown Port-au-Prince, witnesses said.

Several people were injured by rubber bullets, including two local journalists, the witnesses said, adding that troops swarmed the area in armored personnel carriers and trucks, clearing out the demonstrators.

“If the government cannot lower the cost of living it simply has to leave,” said protester Renand Alexandre. “If the police and U.N. troops want to shoot at us, that’s OK, because in the end if we are not killed by bullets we’ll die of hunger.”

In other news, rumor is Apple’s releasing a 32GB iPhone in May for only $599!