Dominican Republic

If all went well I’m in the air right now, heading to Miami first, and then on to the Dominican Republic.  I’m traveling once again with Compassion International but this is a trip like none other I’ve been on.

Compassion shows videos in between acts at about fifteen different festivals – think of them as commercials of sorts asking folks to sponsor a child.  We’re taking this trip to make those videos.

So there are no other artists (or bloggers) going.  Just me, the very young and talented Tim Neeves filming, Nate who works with speakers representing Compassion, Ric who works in the video department at Compassion – and that’s it.  A small crew and only four days.

From what I understand so far, I’ll be visiting children in their homes and at the churches (called projects) where they receive Compassion’s care, and I’ll be essentially narrating a lot and interviewing people while Tim films and Nate makes sure the stories are being told well.

So please pray for us: That we’re safe and healthy.  That we tell the stories of Compassion’s children clearly, accurately and in a way that sticks to the hearts and minds of thousands.  That our families are safe and well while we’re away.

Thanks.  Here’s hoping there’s an internet connection of some kind somewhere when we arrive.  If so, pictures and tales coming soon.