I’m at the Nashville baggage claim, minutes from seeing my wife and kids.  Finally home.

I have tomorrow off and then head out again.

I’m not whining but I am tired.  I haven’t had a break in a few weeks, with a trip to Uganda and a parasite and jet-lag and a sick wife and kids thrown into the middle of all these shows I’ve been playing.  I’m emotionally spent and I miss my family.

Brian, my brother-in-law and artist relations guy at Compassion, knows me well and is a gifted empathizer.  He must know how I’m feeling right now – that I’m in slight need of a little cheering on.  So he sent me an e-mail last night simply titled “Sponsorship Milestone.” It said in part…

… you passed the 2,000 mark for lifetime sponsorships. …Congrats!

Worth every mile, every snotty gate agent, every lost piece of luggage.  One more weekend and then I get a break.  I can do this.

Thanks, Brian.

And thanks to all of you who pray for me, encourage me, and have sponsored kids or booked me to play or speak for your city.  You’ve changed the lives of 2,000 children.