I Heart Southwest (Or What Church Could Be)

I heart Southwest Airlines. There’s no first class, no admiral’s club, no assigned seating, no TVs in the back of the seats, no Wi-Fi throughout the cabin, no free headphones, no fancy snacks.  None of that. But…

  • Every employee treats me like more than the guy who’s to blame for them having to work on Saturday.
  • Every flight is on time (In seven years? Two of my Southwest flights were delayed and, you know, blizzards will do that.)
  • Flights rarely cancel. (In seven years? I’ve not had one canceled Southwest flight.)
  • Bags are never lost. (In seven years? Not one lost bag.)
  • Did I mention that I get treated like a human being?
  • Sure, other airlines may have more destinations, better uniforms, more entertainment options, fatter peanuts or whatever but that’s not what I really want when I buy a ticket is it?  Nope.  Thanks, Southwest Airlines, for doing the work of an airline even if you’re a bad movie theatre and restaurant. I made it to Georgia today, on time, with all my stuff, thanks to you.