Compassion Bloggers On Squidoo

Compassion Bloggers is now on Squidoo.  Squi-what?  Squidoo – the brainchild of marketer/author/Brian Seay look-alike Seth Godin.

Squidoo allows anyone to make a “lens,” which is essentially a web page.  But not just any web page.  A lens is made up of modules you, the builder, get to choose: one that shows the latest NBA scores, one that can be filled with text of your liking, one that displays YouTube videos or Flickr pics, ones that let people buy books or vote on a list of links you post, and on and on and on.  There’s a load of modules to choose from, which means you can make a lens do just about anything you want.

Raise awareness.

Raise cash.

Raise kids.

Raise raze a barn?

So we’re putting Squidoo to work, getting the word out about Compassion Bloggers.  Please check out our Squidoo lens, vote on our links, watch our videos and enjoy our pictures.  Then, especially if you’re a lens master, please come back here, leave your suggestions on how I can improve our lens.  If you don’t have a lens, ponder making one: Everyone’s an expert on something.  What about you?

(Thanks, Seth, for dreaming up Squidoo.)