We Made It

This post is mostly for my wife since I can’t call home.  I made it, Becky.  I’m in out hotel’s lobby in Uganda.

More than thirty hours of travel and we’re finally here.  We’re all wiped and ready to go to bed.  It’s 2:30 Uganda time (5:30 PM Nashville time) and we’re still up trying to reach family via the internet and post something, anything, to our blogs.  And it’s taking a while because there’s a problem.

Turns out it’s hard to find a good internet connection in the third world.  And we knew it so the connection was researched well in advance, it’s the reason we’re staying where we are.  But it’s not working so well now that we’re here.  Compassion International’s IT guy here will work on it tomorrow and hopefully speed things up.

While he does that we’ll be visiting a Compassion project, playing with the kids there, and visiting some kids in their homes.  It’s my favorite part of seeing what Compassion does: meeting parents who gush gratitude the moment they see us.  Imagine meeting the people who saved your child’s life.  That’s tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures and/or video and lots of story to post.

Pray the gremlins out of the system for us, will ya?  And see if God can do something about these mosquitos while he’s at it.  They’re birds.  Big birds in mosquito costumes, and I think they’re laughing at me.