Stories Of Compassion: It’s Your Turn

For a week now a group of us bloggers have been telling our stories about Compassion International as we’ve witnessed their work first hand in Uganda.  Now it’s your turn to tell your story.  Here’s how we’ll do this…

STEP 1: Write a blog post about your experience with Compassion.  Tell us about your child, why you decided to sponsor him or her, what they write you, how sponsoring has affected you and yours, or show us their picture.  Just tell your story of Compassion.

STEP 2: Link back to this post in your post. Ask your readers to tell their story on their blogs, and to leave their link here (See STEP 3) so we can read it…and on and on it’ll go. Stories about Compassion all over the internet and all listed here for us to read.

STEP 3: Put your name and URL in the box below (the address of your post about Compassion, not your home page).  Your link will appear here in this post and your story will get read by hundreds, maybe even thousands.

Go for it.  It’s your turn. Tell your story of Compassion.