One On One

Sharon will be four in May.  But she looks much smaller than that. She lives in a one room “house” with her mom and three siblings.  Dad took off and mom works but her best efforts can’t make ends meet, and can’t give Sharon immunizations, clothes, three meals a day or pay the government for her education.

Without Sophie (aka Boo mama and Compassion International, Sharon would become a statistic, one of the 30,000 children under the age of five who die every day from poverty related causes.

Today Sophie held Sharon her lap.  I watched them from the other end of our lunch table:  Sophie slowly rocking back and forth.  Sharon’s eyelids fluttering in the fight to stay awake and finally closing as her tiny body went limp and slumped into Sophie.  They sat there like that for the longest time, resting in the cool breeze together, Sophie just smiling down at Sharon and Sharon resting against her rescuer from America.


One sponsor loving one child. That’s what Compassion International is all about.

There’s a child who needs you.  Become their sponsor today.