Gathering Of The Geeks In Chicago

We’re almost all here, gathered at our gate in Chicago and, as luck would have it, beside a Starbucks (I think Carlos prayed) . 

The level of geekery in our general vicinity is off the geekery scale – just past “sleeps between Star Wars sheets after a long day of playing Dungeons and Dragons while rockin’ out to Clay Aiken.” That’s pretty geeky.  And we’re proud.

We’ve talked Twitter, Google Page Rank, SEO, and Technorati Authority algorithms.  Yes, the word “algorithm” was actually used.  More than once.  And we understood it’s usage clearly.

Wow.  I’ve found my tribe: Nerds who love kids.

By the way, ratio of Texans to non-Texans at the gate so far: 5 to 7.

Next stop Brussels, then Africa.

Let the blogging begin.