Christine’s Answer: Meet Prossy

I asked you guys to e-mail me any questions you have about Compassion International.  Christine did.  She wrote:

One thing I have wondered is whether it is really working.  Is it really breaking the cycle of poverty?  Are there adults who were sponsored as a child still living in poverty?  I sure hope not, but I’d really like to know the story of an adult that came through Compassion and lives a better life than the generations he/she came from.

The answer showed up the very next day at a hotel in Uganda. Prossy’s former sponsor read about our trip to Uganda and e-mailed Prossy telling her to go meet us (I’m still not understanding how she found out where we were exactly.) Prossy showed up at a hotel where we were having lunch, excited to meet a bunch of bloggers working with Compassion. For Prossy, she said, it was the next best thing to meeting her sponsor.

Having just read Christine’s e-mail, I asked Carlos to grab some video of me talking with Prossy about her experience as a sponsored child and her life now.  Prossy is a mature Christian adult whose children will not need .Compassion International.  That’s success.  Here’s your answer, Christine.

From poverty to small business owner for $32 a month.  Make the same kind of impact on a child.  Become a sponsor. And then tell us about it.