Cheap Miracles

Our hotel is holding faster internet access hostage.  They want $1000 to speed it up and even then there’s no guarantee.  So, it takes me five hours, at least, to post anything to my blog (My site’s server “times out” constantly at this slow speed, no one else is having that problem.  I’m lucky like that.) It takes about seven hours to upload video to Youtube!

I asked last week if you guys believe in a personal Devil.  I’m starting to.  OK, I definitely do now.

Children are being released from poverty!  Lots of children!  The Church worldwide is being rallied daily through our blogs to defeat disease, hunger and despair through our family in Uganda.  If Evil is capable of thwarting such good work, why wouldn’t it?  Why wouldn’t hell try to stop the miraculous?

Please, sponsor a child today so another miracle can be worked in a child’s life.

Then, please pray for us, our technology, health, families, hotel, and readers.